Kate Wrigglesworth

Painting “Rewilding of the fishing pool”

Last week I enjoyed teaching at home with a lady who wanted to have a one to one lesson. We went out sketching “en plein air” to a local fishing pool that is no longer in use. This is my version of the pool. It has a small bamboo island and a little man-made bridge […]

French Harbour

Here is the finished painting of Honfleur that I began during the Summer at Hever castle. The turquoise and yellow ochre complement each other and are contrasting whilst the brightly coloured boats are bobbing up and down in the water. I have chosen to exaggerate the harbour shape for dramatic effect and I feel that […]

Exhibiting at the Obsidian Gallery in Buckinghamshire

This collection of paintings is for the Winter Collection at Obsidian Art, Art Gallery. I have selected a combination of Autumnal scenes and a still life by the Cornish coast. It begins on the 27th October and is on until 31st December. I shall be at the gallery on the 26th November for a “meet […]

A commission of a listed building

Recently I finished a commission of an 18th Century barn near Wolverley in Worcestershire. It was fun to do and I like to add my own quirky spin on the composition by changing the perspective, whilst including the hills behind as if you were flying over the building in a balloon.

French Garden

Maybe I should call this painting “Une view sur un jardin a la francaise”. Last summer while I was staying in France at a home of a friend that I dance with for “Les Impromptues”. I was taken by a beautiful view through some doors into the garden. It was so romantic that I couldn’t […]

Fox and Fairies

It can take a while to finish a painting; I like to add lots of detail including depth of colour and sometimes I put in a little bit of gold leaf to give the painting a speckled glint of gold.

Demonstrating painting at the Autumn show in Malvern

Combining ideas from two paintings is an experimental and creative way to design new images. I have used the “Will-O-The-Wisp” painting and “Fairies in the Woods” painting to create a new composition.

An Autumnal pallete

I love the seasons because the colours change and I can explore a new pallete; particularly these earthy Autumnal colours of browns, oranges and golds. When I am walking in the forest I can sense the wild animals moving in the undergrowth. Sometimes I will see an owl fly by or a squirrel run up […]

My stand at Hever Castle in Kent

It’s very enjoyable to paint while I am exhibiting. The light is always better outside and it always gives me something to talk about when people pass by. This painting depicts a view onto a garden in the height of Summer with a bowl of shiny red apples. I was fortunate to stay in a […]